More Than a Gun Range

Be a part of this experience!

Challenge Yourself in he Parkour

You have to be fast against 40 targets! Time is ticking.

Firearm Range

We are expecting you for a unique shooting experience

It is enough to be our guest only with your ID for an amazing experience in our shooting range. (Guests under the age of 18 must come with their parents). You can experience shooting with pistols and bullets in our inventory or with your own licensed pistols in our wide cabin ranges of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25m and effective ventilation. You can check the accuracy of your shots on the targets with our camera system on the screen.

Our Weapons Inventory

Native Guns

  • CANİK (TP9 Elite-S Combat, TP9 SF Elite-S, TP9 SFX, TP9 Sub Elite, SFX Rival)
  • SARSILMAZ (Sar9, Sar9 SP, Sar9C, SAR 9CX, K12 Sport, Kılınç 2000 MEGA , B6,  SR 38 (38 Cal.))
  • STOGER (STR-9, STR-9F)
  • TİSAŞ (Zigana PX9 V2, Zig M 1911 (45 Cal.))

Imported Guns

  • GLOCK 17 GEN 5
  • GLOCK 19 GEN 5
  • Sig Sauer P226 Elite Stainless

Machine Guns

  • SAR109T

Shooting Training

Basic Shooting Training
Advanced Shooting Training
Preparation Training for Exams

Our experienced and professional Shooting Instructors provide exam preparation training for Basic Shooting, Forward Shooting and exam shooting.

Airsoft Gun Range and Parkour

Airsoft Gun Range

A distance of 7 meters may seem simple, but you wouldn’t know without trying it. Choose from pistols or rifles, start shooting!

Choose from Pistol or Rifles, Try your marksmanship on one of the electronic or mechanical targets.

Gun 20 bb.
Rifle 30 bb.


  • Airsoft Gun Range
     Gun 20 bb. Rifle 30 bb.
  • Airsoft Track
     Track Entry 70 bb.

Airsoft Parkour

Are you ready for a 150-meter-long track in a 550 M2 residential environment? Start the operation with a rifle and equipment of your choice!

40 targets that you have to hit in the race against time are waiting for you.

Shooting Range Cafe


While sipping your coffee, you can examine our products and purchase the ones you like.

Gun maintenance and cleaning is also done in our shooting range. We are at your service in Poligon Cafe.

Our cafe is at your service so that you can have an enjoyable experience.

Cafe Menu

Cafe Menu:

  • Tea
  • Coffee Types
  • Desserts
  • Boston Donuts

On sale:

  • Airsoft Supplies
  • Grooming Supplies
  • Markers

Whatever you are looking for is at Polygon Hilltown!

You can spend time alone or with your friends in a pleasant and spacious environment. You can ask our expert trainers whatever you want to learn about shooting sport and get help from them.